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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it going to cost?

For many of us, doing construction is a substantial investment of financial resources. That’s why we provide an initial consultation that is both free of cost and obligation. Only after discussing your needs with you can we realistically determine a ballpark estimate of the construction you’re considering.

After that, we typically have more meetings with you as a prospective client in order to discuss the possible construction project in additional detail so that the feasibility of it can be established in very practical terms. Our team then will put together a formal proposal covering the cost breakdowns and particular timeline we anticipate from start to finish. Once you get a chance to review the proposal we make and decide that you’re happy with it, we then proceed to also sign the contract between us.

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long is it going to take?

As you might know, the length of time will depend on both the kind of building work done as well as the scale of the project. It’s crucial to know that any delays that happen in building work are usually the consequence of unrealistic timelines. That’s why we make certain that every party involved in this works together and communicates so that realistic and specific deadlines are agreed to prior to any work starting. Our team will hold a weekly project review meeting in order to touch base with everyone and make accommodations for any changes that might happen along the way. We also provide online platforms for our clients to log onto and check their project progress every day.

Do you offer warranties?

Absolutely. Any construction project we do, including labour and installation and comes with a warranty.

Do you have the necessary and appropriate insurance and licences?

Yes, always. Since we’re a contractor company, we are fully covered by a public liability insurance entity so that you’re not held liable yourself for any possible job site accidents. Also, all of our workers, subcontractors and employees alike, go through a robust safety training program before starting to work for us. We take pride in having an exception record for safety.

Could I buy materials on my own?

You can. However, do note that given our deep experience in working in this industry, we’re able to get significant contractor discounts for many materials. Still, we know there might be times that you want to provide us with specific materials of your own. Since our primary emphasis is providing the project of your dream, we’re happy to get to work with whatever you give us, so long as the materials are architecturally sound for the project.

Is the design something I can help with?

Of course! Our team has a handful of certified designers with experience and a portfolio of different type of works. Look through our project page for inspiration. You can work with our interior designer or architect if you want.

Do I need to handle planning permission, certificates, and other things with the local government?

It depends. Knowing how and when relevant permissions are necessary or getting them can get complicated. Our construction specialists are experienced professionals who can give you a hand in getting any required documentation together. Substantial structural changes or enlargements do typically mandate planning permission. If you want to install any new plumbing, gas, or electrical elements, then you need certificates.

If you’re only really interested in visual or aesthetic changes involving energy-efficiency improvements, such as heating systems, doors, windows, tiles, and flooring, then you generally don’t need permission. It’s crucial to make sure that any work is done in accordance with the building legislation in effect at that time. Having said all this, planning permission documentation and appropriate energy certificates for construction and/or plumbing and electrical installations is crucial to have if you hope to sell your property in the future.